want residual income?


How much is RESIDUAL INCOME worth to you?

To calculate Asset Value, let’s say you want to earn $1,000 per week in Residual Income. In comparison, how much money would you need in a traditional investment yielding 5% interest per year to earn $1,000 per week? The answer is more than $1Million (52,000 X 100 / 5). In the chart below you will find some hypothetical examples how much money (Asset Value) it would take in the bank in comparison to create Residual Income using the same 5% yield.

Weekly Residual
$1 000
$2 000
$4 000
$10 000
Yearly Residual
$52 000
$104 000
$208 000
$520 000
Yearly Residual
$1 040 000
$2 080 000
$4 160 000
$10 400 000

Plan A
Work 40 hours/week
for 40 years

Plan B
Work 10 hours/week
for 4 years

Interested in plan B?
Read on and watch video below

Set yourself free –Join the right trend


Start your own home-based business

  • No Boss
  • No Set Hours
  • No Employees
  • No Overhead
  • No Inventory Stocking
  • No Accounts Receivables
  • No Commuting – Work from Home
  • Create Residual Income
  • Create Financial Freedom
  • Spend more Time With Your Family
  • Build Asset Value
  • Leave a Legacy

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